Otentik Beach tent

Chilling In Style: Be Original with Otentik

Do yourself a favour and leave the heavy, awkward gazebo behind. Stop wasting time searching high and low for an ideal spot for that small patch of shade. Get the original Otentik beach tent and have all the style and shade you could hope for wherever you go.


Stylish and Convenient

Unlike gazebos and tents that come in bulky, heavy boxes and bags, the Otentik beach tent comes in sleek carry bag and only weighs around 2 kg. You’ll hardly realise you’re carrying anything! If you live inland and are planning a flight to the coast, our sleek carry bags will fit easily into your carry-on luggage while still leaving you with plenty extra space and weight allowance.

It’s not just the bag that’s stylish. The Otentik beach tent makes use of a fresh, charming design in a range of fun colours that are sure to draw all eyes along the beach your way. You’ll be the leader of the latest holiday trend. You can even share the experience with your significant other under the small beach tent, or with increasing numbers of friends and family – up to 7 – under the medium, large or extra-large Otentik beach tents.


No-Fuss setup

With only two poles and four already-attached anchor bags, our beach tents are so easy to set up that even children can do it in only a few minutes. All you need to do is scoop some sand into the anchor bags and give a tug on the ropes to close them, and there you have your anchors. Then it’s just a matter of positioning the poles and anchors and you are ready to chill. To make the deal even sweeter, you won’t ever need to pull a hamstring chasing your umbrella down the beach again.

And packing up? Just fold the poles and tent, dump out the sand from the anchors and pack it all back in the bag. It couldn’t be easier!

As an added bonus, take advantage of this easy setup anywhere you like. What about your lawn, with no sand, you ask? We have quality plastic pegs available for that too! You can quite literally set your Otentik beach tent up wherever and whenever you want to stop and chill out, even along a stony hiking trail or right in the water (see this done in our video).


UV and Wind protection included

The specially selected material used in the Otentik beach tent gives you sun protection equivalent to UPF 50+. We still advise proper use of sunscreen though, as you can never be too careful. And thanks to the flexibility of the two-pole design, if the sun shifts you can simply shift one or both of the poles as needed, along with the corresponding anchors. Then, just like that, you are perfectly shaded once again.

This flexibility also adds to the wind resistance of our beach tents. Aside from the aerodynamic design of the tent, you can also play around with the angle of the side facing the wind. This allows you far better control over just how much of a breeze you will be dealing with.


UV and Wind protection included

For the responsible parents and spouses worrying about cleaning, you don’t need to stress anymore either! The material we use in the Otentik beach tents is sand repellent, so when it’s time to pack up you can simply wipe off any stubborn sand still hanging about. Our beach tents are machine washable – but, please, do not machine dry them. If you decide to wash your beach tent, simply hang it out to dry and the quick-drying material will be ready for storage again shortly.

Check out our Otentik Shop and have a look at all we have on offer – which includes nationwide free shipping!

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