Beach Sunshade

What makes Otentik Sunshade™ special?

Otentik Sunshade™ prides themselves on the fact that their products will suit your needs better than any other shading solution on the market. Read on to find out why Otentik Sunshade™ is the best beach buddy available for the holiday season.

Easy to care for and use

The Otentik Sunshade™ is easy to clean, fold and use. Salt water will not damage your tent either, nor will chlorine.

The sand bags are easy to fill as they are attached to the tent by drawstrings. You simply lay the sandbag flat on the ground and scoop it full of sand and tighten the drawstring. When you are ready to pack up, removing all the sand is made easy with the drawstring system by simply flattening and shaking out the bag.

After simply dusting it off, put it in its carry bag and you’re off! No need to drag along heavy poles or cumbersome umbrellas that are sure to be covered in sand and damaged by the salt and sun by the end of the day. It is by far the lightest and most durable shade solution on the market at merely 2kgs and resistant to just about everything!

You can even machine wash the Otentik Sunshade™! Simply put it in at 40 degrees Celsius and let it air dry, it’s made to be in the sun anyway and will dry in no time.

Have you ever tried putting your beach umbrella in the washing machine? I didn’t think so.

Resists wind with gusto

The Otentik Sunshade™ has been designed to be aerodynamic, reducing the chances of it blowing away. In the event of very strong winds simply add more sand to the bags and bury the anchors deeper in the sand to ensure it does not shift.

Other shading solutions make use of a single piece of material to anchor the system which easily catches wind, and in the few cases it doesn’t collapse or blow away it will be noisy and uncomfortable to sit under. The Otentik Sunshade™ has been tried and tested, making use of drawstrings that are not affected by wind which ensures that the tent stays put. This means you will not only be shaded but also be able to hear the person sitting next to you and enjoy the breeze instead of being carried away by it. Otentik Sunshade™, the original shading solution, has been carefully developed and taken all the customer’s needs into consideration without compromising functionality for style.

Other beach tents and umbrellas are usually rendered useless by the wind, lifting right out of the ground and going for their very own run down the beach or breaking completely. If you have ever been to Cape Town you know that a gazebo or umbrella is no match for the windy city so Otentik Sunshade™ is a must-have.

Acts as a natural sunblock

Did you know that there are actually three kinds of UV rays? UVA penetrates the skin causing premature aging. UVB is responsible for uncomfortable and painful sunburns. Both UVA and UVB cause skin cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK four out of five cases of melanoma can be prevented by taking precautionary measures to protect your skin from the sun.

The Otentik Sunshade™ can accommodate anywhere from two to seven people, so everyone is protected with its impressive UPF 50+.

Otentik Sunshade™ is the only shading solution on the market that offers free shipping all over South Africa. Get them while they’re hot! Your summer holidays at the beach won’t be the same without it.

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